View from Minster Tower in Bern

Recently we climbed all the steps up to the minster tower in Bern. From there we had a very nice view over the old town and I took a few nice photos.

Here details from the panorama view:

Panorama Lommiswil

A beautiful panorama of the fields around Lommiswil.

Grächen, Valais

We spent a few days in Valais, Switzerland to relax and visit friends. The weather was nice, so I took a few nice photos shown in the gallery below.

We stayed in the hotel “Hotel & Spa Hannigalp” which is a really great location. Really nice rooms and a beautiful spa with a great view to the alp panorama. The hotel also offers “private spa”. Here you can rent the whole spa for you alone and enjoy all saunas, the pool, whirlpool and a nice rest room with a beautiful fireplace without any disturbance. More details on their website:

Here a photo of the hotel:


Mist over the Roofs in Bern

Today there was mist over the roofs in Bern. Enjoy some impressions where objects fade at the horizon.

Impressions from the Old Town Berne

Today I took some interesting photos while walking through the old town of Berne.

Sunset over Bern

Today there was a colourful and beautiful sunset over the old town in Bern. The whole day, the sky was grey and boring, but suddenly it broke open for a few rays of sunlight.

A beautiful and colourful sunset over the old town in Bern.
A beautiful and colourful sunset over the old town in Bern.

Autumn Arrived

The autumn finally arrived. Yellow, orange and red leaves everywhere.