Spring in Bern

This year, we had a beautiful spring in Bern. The weather was rainy and there were some late Winter storms, but there were many hot and sunny periods. All plants were growing incredible fast. I captured the landscape around Bern to document this period.

You can find many additional photos from Bern in the gallery Bern 2018 and Bern 2015.

Small Photo Exhibition in Bern

Starting from this weekend you can see a few of my photos in the shop window of Foto Zumstein in Bern. The shown pictures are various different views of Bern.

Foto Zumstein is a very good location for Photographers. They have a really broad range of products in the shop and always the latest cameras and lenses in stock. The shop staff has a deep knowledge of photography and I got always good advise from them.

A Few Impressions from BEA in Bern

A few impressions from BEA this year.


First Signs of Spring

There are definitely some first signs of spring. The following photos I took a few days ago, when it was warm and sunny.

View from Minster Tower in Bern

Recently we climbed all the steps up to the minster tower in Bern. From there we had a very nice view over the old town and I took a few nice photos.

Here details from the panorama view:

Mist over the Roofs in Bern

Today there was mist over the roofs in Bern. Enjoy some impressions where objects fade at the horizon.

Impressions from the Old Town Berne

Today I took some interesting photos while walking through the old town of Berne.

Autumn Arrived

The autumn finally arrived. Yellow, orange and red leaves everywhere.