There are a few books I created. Most of the books are in German language, but there are a few English ones or with multiple languages.

Prinzessin Mila and the Magical Compass

princess-mila-cover-smallThis comic is the story of princess Mila which finds a scroll and magical compass in the attic of the old tower. There is also a broken yoghurt machine with one gear missing. Mila learns about the reasons why the machine is broken and how to repair it. Here starts an exciting journey on the seek for three golden parts of this missing gear.

Currently the book is only available in German language, but there will be soon an English version too.

Molly & Spiky

Molly & Spiky CoverAs Spiky, the hedgehog, fell helplessly, crashing through the leaves and branches of the big tree, the waters of the tranquil lake below, came ever closer to him. He closed his eyes in anticipation of the imminent splash and his inevitable demise. At that very moment, Molly, the duck, was happily swimming across the calm lake and enjoying the warm sunny weather.

Will Molly be able to safe her best friend Spiky? And how did he come to be in this terrible situation? Find out in this adventure for children.

Illustrations for this book were made by the famous artist Francesco Mazzola. The text of this multilingual picture book is written in English, German and Italian on the same page. Great if you live in a multilingual family.

The Paper Bird in the Light Sphere

Cover the Paper Bird in the Light SphereLopanzir grows light spheres which takes aeons until the reach the right size. Without noticing it, live develops inside of one of his spheres. Here, deep in one of these spheres the story unfolds, about Kyan, a boy which get separated from his sister during the summer. To send her a letter, he builds a bird from paper which shall fly to his sister.

This book is an illustrated mysterious tale. Each side is an individual composition of real and drawn element with text which are matching the story of the book.

The book is currently only available in German language.

Get the German book here.